In our efforts to ensure the safe and responsible use of Vintage E-Liquids' products, we set out to create the first of its kind Child Resistant e-liquid dispenser. For months, we worked closely with Perritt Laboratories, Inc. (, an A2LA accredited, independent laboratory that leads the industry in Child Resistant package testing in accordance with the Guidelines of the United States Product Safety Commission (USPSC), specifically 16 CFR Part 1700.

After rigorous testing, Perritt Laboratories has certified that our newly designed e-liquid dispenser meets or exceeds the Federal Child Resistant packaging requirements of US 16 CFR 1700.

What This Means

The new Vintage E-Liquids bottle can be sold in every state in the United States, including those that require Child Resistant packaging for e-liquids, as well as in the international market. All of our flavors will now be packaged in our new Child Resistant bottle.

How It Works

In order to create a Child Resistant bottle and still maintain our unique look, several subtle changes were made. The new Child Resistant bottle can be opened by pushing the back of the lid forward, in order to clear the latch, and simultaneously lifting up the front (see image and video below). This instructional sticker is affixed on every new bottle for your convenience.

Vintage E-Liquids would like to remind you that there is no such thing as "Child Proof", and prevention is the best first step. Please keep all e-liquids out of reach of children and pets!